Various userscripts for various sites that do various things. Also check out Userstyles.

Title Description
BandcampTrackCover Forces showing track instead of album covers on Bandcamp.
Collapsit Enables collapsing (and expanding) of comments on Removeddit.
ExpandExpandExpand++ Modification of "GitHub PR: expand, expand, expand!" with multiple small improvements.
GeniusNowPlaying Displays a link to the lyrics of your currently playing song via
InvidiousNewPipeExport Allows exporting Invidious subscriptions to NewPipe's new JSON format.
MSGPIntegration Allows access to the Microsoft Store Generation Project from within Microsoft Store itself.
ReturnInvidiousDislike Displays the dislike count of videos accessed via Invidious.
StreetVoiceLoader Enables downloading of tracks and albums from StreetVoice.
T3ResizableConsole Makes TYPO3's debug console resizable.
T3Xtend Adds T3X buttons as well as download links to old versions of TYPO3 extensions.
TracklistToRYM Imports an album's tracklist from various sources into Rate Your Music.
TXTClickableLinks Converts URLs in plain text files to clickable links.
VGMLoaderX Automatically downloads albums from KHInsider without an account.
ViewOnYP Links various membership platforms to Kemono and Coomer.
ViewOnYPMemoryHole An add-on for ViewOnYP that adds support for Memory Hole.
YesPlease A (not yet) drop-in replacement for the No, thanks. extension.